New Student Resources

New students starting in Fall 2020 are encouraged to find the relevant video(s) below for assistance with course selection.



Business Administration

Child and Family Studies

Classical Studies

Computer Science (Science)

Computer Science (Arts)

Criminal Justice

Economics - Coming Soon

English Studies

Environmental Biology and Technology

Environment and Physical Geography (Science) - Coming Soon

Environmental Geography (Arts) - Coming Soon

Fine Arts

Foundations Pathway - Coming Soon

Gender Equality and Social Justice

Geography - Coming Soon


Indigenous Studies

Liberal Arts - Coming Soon

Liberal Science - Coming Soon

Mathematics (Arts)

Mathematics (Science)

Nursing - Coming Soon

Philosophy - Coming Soon

Physical and Health Education - Coming Soon

Political Science - Coming Soon

Psychology (Arts) - Coming Soon

Psychology (Science) - Coming Soon

Religions and Cultures

Social Welfare and Social Development - Coming Soon

Social Work

Sociology - Coming Soon